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Fading Suns: Noble Armada Demo

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  • Fading Suns: Noble Armada Demo

    It appaers that FS:NA is back in production after a few years of delay, and there also should be a demo somewhere, but so far every link i've found was dead.
    If anyone has the demo, could you give me link wher eyou found it, or maybe put it online somewhere?
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    I hadn't heard that.

    I've now checked out the Holistic Designs website, but saw nothing of any of their computer games. So I sent off a query to the game's co-designer Bill Bridges. I'll probably hear back from him on Monday or Tuesday.


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      This was on the frontpage of their website...

      Special Announcement: Look for the NOBLE ARMADA
      computer game this Fall from Matrix Games!
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