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    The Sims? Yikes!

    Can't be the most popular game, though wait, the charts for it are really good... oh my, what a disappointment. And what are the popular strategy games, then?
    Rollercoaster tycoon runs a close second... It was on the top 10 ccharts for nearly 2 years
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      Er, The Sims is an awful, non-addictive Tamagochi-style breeding game with stupid hidden variables based on blah whereas Pokemon is a crude-but-fun demilinear RPG aimed at children. Where's the similarity?
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        Originally posted by Osweld
        Interesting thing to note is that warcraft 3 was available on the internet (via pirated copies) before it was for sale in the stores, I guess someone down the line somewhere got bored of waiting for them to print those 4.4 million copies.
        Most games and movies for that matter are online way before there actual release.
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          Thank god for pirates though.
          Its due to them that world-wide releases are common these days, instead of releasing in America first, then Europe a month later, then Australia a year after that.

          Now we can all get it at the same time!
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