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    There is a game similar to this at based on Republic but which has no game running alongside. The fledgling country of Novistrana, having just emerged from the Communist grip, needs a new government, and we (although it has been running for about 2 weeks) need YOUR help!
    We have: a clear rules system
    An argumentative and passionate group of people
    As much political mud-slinging as you can handle
    Clear party agendas
    Political Propaganda in ALL medias
    Parties desperate for your membership
    4 factions from all sides of the political spectrum
    A stock market
    Assassinations, espionage, bribing, and hopefully other features that will be in the Republic PC game
    A working parliament and elections every 3 weeks
    This isn’t necessarily stealing members, nor does it have to be a bad thing. As it has been pointed out, there are many people on this site who do nothing because they are “disillusioned”. I suggest one reason is because it is too big and they feel they can make no contribution. Well, this site is too big, ours is too small (we have about 30 members)-there is room to make a large contribution. For example, the Novistrana Liberation Party, to which I belong, only has 3 members. Thus, if some members join the Republic game, there will be more scope for those who remain here. Everybody wins!

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    Well, that does sound fun, but I do believe there are rules against advertising for other sites and boards on these forums...
    "Politics is to say you are going to do one thing while you're actually planning to do someting else - and then you do neither."
    -- Saddam Hussein


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      Ah well, hopefully it`ll be on long enough for some ppl to notice


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        Hopefully it will be up long enough for some ppl to notice and join..


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          We have no problem with people advertising other games for people to join, as long as you don't post the same thing in multiple forums.

          We do have a problem with people advertising for profit

          But while we do have no problem with threads like this, it should have been put in the proper forum... other games. So I'm just moving this thread.
          Keep on Civin'
          RIP rah, Tony Bogey & Baron O


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            i have heard about the game and it sounds good

            il give it a shot. what is in it for you?


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              Good point, Ming!

              Hawk, do you mean me personally? Nothing, I just would like more people in the game (however, it would be nice if you could join the NLP, my party-we stand for a free Novistrana!)