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  • Neverwinter Nights players thread

    No one is posting in the other two.

    I'll even post a poll.

    This game has some problems, but it still seems fun. Reading the BB's at the official site many people seem turned off by minor problems. Yes there are many minor problems. But they are just that. Minor. The gameplay seems solid. But the module is more empty than I had hoped. I want good treasure chests and such! But I'm still early in the adventure.

    I'm up for an Apolyton guild or something. But I play the game with my brother during my workweek and my weekend. But I can play on Tues, Wed, Thu during the late afternoon and evening (PDT). Unless I manage to find a girlfriend.

    So what are your impressions? Post what characters you are playing, their level, alignment etc.

    I'm currently a level 5 Cleric (single class). Neutral good alignment. I have the strength and war domain powers. I'm combat orientated, but I use my summons to shield me to cast spells at the outset of combat. Then I dive right in with my sword (I can use martial weapons now)
    Overall I like the game, I should be playing many hours
    Overall I dislike the game, I probably won't play any more or not much
    I'm undecided- more playtime needed to decide

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    I like it.

    I haven't played it much, but I've had two friends now who played it on my computer, beat the first module, and loved it.

    My friends and I are going to get a rack of copies, (Four of us already have it) and play that game non-stop.

    Right now though I'm on a level 3 bard.
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      Playing a (level 6) Neutral Good cleric (good/sun). All my feats are caster orientated so I have to rely on my pet to do the damage while I provide an AC 22 wall for the monsters to beat on and dole out healing potions.

      I think the 1pg campaign is good. The "boss" fights are much much harder than the usual fights though. If I replay the game I'll do all the street scum in every quarter first rather than try and survive the easiest boss fight in the first quarter you are sent to. Reloading until you manage to land a hold person on a sorfceror before he fireballs you to oblivion is just tedious.
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        I like it, but I'm not a fan of the single player campaign - for the same reasons I am not a huge fan of the Baldur's gate series, and most other cRPGs. Despite being good games they are all very linear and have very limited dialogue choices which typically force you to be either a goody-two-shoes or a money grubbing bastard.

        EDIT: But I didn't buy the game for single player anyways, I bought it for multiplayer - and I'll probably be doing alot of that in a month or two when ALFA gets off the ground.
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          v1.19 is available now on the autoupdater.
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            I haven't faced many sorcerers (in fact I don't remember hardly any spellcasters- a weak area in the campaign possibly). I have completed in Chapter one: the docks area, the beggers district (easy for my cleric), and the peninsula area.

            Of course I'm playing with a mage as well. And we both can summon pets. He also has Toni the theaf as a henchman. I had a monk henchman, but he was too powerful and I like to roleplay a little. I'm not into his lawful evil alignment.

            In fact the game is too easy. Most boss battles we breeze through. Occasionally we get an unexpected battle that kills one or both of us. But very rarely does this happen.

            And we are playing the D&D hardcore rules. Playing normal difficulty seems just silly. You could just throw fireballs around all day.


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              Perhaps thats one of the differences, or the monsters you fight are somehow geared to your character and henchman choices.


              In the peninsula prison I encountered 3 or more sorcerers on about the 3rd level of the prison. I basically had to interrupt their first cast or I was dead. A fireball at their feet would usually kill me (39hp) and my henchman but leave them laughing. They had very impressive hit points for casters so you couldn't even hope to survive the first blast and take them down before the second one. AD&D core rules might stop that careless casting and/or give them sensible hit points rather than the max for their level.
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                Lawful evil wizard

                The game is sooo much fun. I play with my D&D friends at college..good times.

                Just so you know, slaughtering everyone in the city core gets you an extra level or so's worth of experience.


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                  Good thinking. When I started replaying as evil I was tempted t do the same after the vicious way the game forces you to obey the plot if you try to rebel
                  To doubt everything or to believe everything are two equally convenient solutions; both dispense with the necessity of reflection.


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                    Finished chapter 1. Fairly easy.

                    In fact the first baddie we faced was the toughest. The mind devourer or whatever he was. We were still a fairly low level upon fighting him. But he eventually went down.

                    I breezed through the beggers district with my cleric naturally. The docks and blacklake weren't very tough either.

                    I'm playing D&D harcore rules btw. Much better that way. My brother doesn't go around throwing fireballs everywhere that way.

                    I have faced one sorcerer battle where they through a fireball. A bit tough. Now I'm using my protection from elements spell which helps out a bit.

                    But the game is damn fun. At least in multiplayer. I'm not real keen on single player (just got done playing a little- although that was the prelude which sucks anyways). Multiplayer is the name of this game.