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Total Annihilation II?

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  • Total Annihilation II?

    Does anybody know what the deal with Cavedog is? I remember reading something about Total Annihilation II a couple years ago, but haven't heard a peep about Cavedog since. Have they gone under?
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    I believe that Cavedog is no more.
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    • #3 is Cavedog's spiritual successor, but it's not working on a sci-fi game.
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        TA II is never going to be made. The best you can hope for is to shame the current owners of the TA name into releasing the source code for TA.
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          Crap. The least they could do is release their source code to Blizzard for Starcraft II...
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            Wow, I knew that TA:K sucked, but I didn't think that it would bring down the company!
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