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    LŽEmpereur! I had the PC version. But I have heard the NES version of some of their games was even better.

    Ah yes L'Empereur! That was a great game! I've never played the PC version so don't know how it looks. I agree that some of the NES/SNES versions of their games were better. I have the PC and console versions of RTK3 and 4. It seems like it is easier to play on the console. But nonetheless Koei made excellent games and wish they would come out with more!
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      Hmmm...I thought one of the reason KOEI no longer make its new title into english version is because they don't sell so good in US and Europe

      But from the discussion here it doesn't seems to be the case

      I used to get some of the english title but since they are no longer available I am sticking to both Chinese (those Chinese historical ones like RTK series) and Japanese (Nobunaga, Daiko series).

      In fact I just bought RTK8 on the same day as Civ3 and it is still not open
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        i use zsnes to play old koei games. my personal favorite is rotk2. it's simple yet pretty deep. genghis khan2 is really cool too(even with it's bugs/broken gameplay). aerobiz supersonic is really good especially in multiplayer. the other ones i really could never get interested in. they were just too complex or required too much thought. i also like how the battles are done on a different map.

        i prefer games with simple rules that allow for maximum flexibility in your decisions.
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