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If you enjoyed MOM, what did you also enjoy?

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    Pentium 166 with 64MB; old, but well above the minimum specs for the game. I use the same machine for HOMM, Civ2 and SMAC, and they all seem to run faster.
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      I just picked-up a copy of MoM; maybe soon I will have time enough to play it.



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        Originally posted by Rex Little
        IIRC, Warlords I came out in the late 80's, II in the early 90's, and III about 3-4 years ago. IMO, II was the best. It added a lot of choices to the gameplay, and some of them were removed again in III. (Then again, I haven't played Darklords Rising , just its predecessor. I forget what it was called, Age of Heroes or some such.)
        I played all of them. II has a lot of weird little modifers that can lead to a massive headache, so III streamlined it. They have also put upgrading cities back in, which is now important. In II, heroes get quests from temples. In III, heroes get them from cities, and a hero can only get the most difficult quests from the strongest cities.

        Not to mention that upgrading a city gives its defenders better bonuses.
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