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  • Frankenstein!

    I was addicted to the original 10 years ago until I got doom 2 so I was interested in the new version already. But the best computer I have is my laptop P3 633 256 mb RAM 8MBgfx ATI Rage Pro so it wouldn't be able to run very good graphics.
    In my local Compustore in galway somebody had loaded the game on a test PC Athlon 1.3 64 mbgfx 256mbRAM. So I tried it out. It's amazing! the interface is simple and the default keys are well spaced I didn't need to change them. The graphics were beaitiful and the enemy AI was very good even on the easiest level. For example I came across a guard who when he first saw me started shooting then hid behind a pillar to reload his gun and then ran sideways while shooting at me behind a desk. Needless to say he didn't make cover quite in time
    I got outside on top of the building and the scene was breath-taking it the horizon looked very realistic and the castle itself looked very complex but I did notice a couple of slow frame rates when a couple of guards came in front of me and started shooting as I was looking at the castle. But not too bad seeing as I had the graphics all the way up. That's when I died and was late for meeting someone in town
    The storyline from what I saw looks very promising and the player abilities ( don't have a key try kicking down the door ) were extensive.
    Overall very good if you have a good enough PC then buy it.
    Destruction is a lot easier than construction. The guy who operates a wrecking ball has a easier time than the architect who has to rebuild the house from the pieces.--- Immortal Wombat.