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Anyone played SWAT3?

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  • Anyone played SWAT3?

    Is it worth $20? There's no real online community for it, and reviews are pretty badly written all around, so I was wondering if anyone here has an opinion. A few people I've asked said it's going toe to toe with GR in their experiance, even though it's three years older.

    anyway, thanks.

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    i played the demo
    $20 is about 15, i can get it for 10
    the graphx are poor, and its annying, you get killed the whole time unless you send your team to do everyhting
    the ai seems poor, the lean left to right like a dance! i loled
    Just my 2p.
    Which is more than a 2 cents, about one cent more.
    Which shows you learn something every day.


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      Probably the best FPS I've ever played. Graphics and music kicks ass, atleast did when it came. The real LA locations are extraordinary, lots of details, an especially remarkable mission is the LA Convention Centre.

      As goes for easily being killed, that's what made me love the game so much. It's much more realistic and suspenseful when you know that one bullet and it may be all over.

      Although the missions are awesome, it's the MP that gives the game extreme longevity. Oh boy, can you spell A-C-T-I-O-N? The MP system is flawless and breeded a large fan base with clanes, mods and all that stuff. Actually I was ranked 8th in the world on the ladder at one time, heh.

      The biggest online community would be the MP lobby, inside the game. I believe the game passed it's popularity peak somewhere in March-April, though. There's still people online however, just not as much.

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        Would you buy it for the SP alone, funk? and tis, please explain.

        thanks for the info


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          For $20? Easily. There are about 30+ missions, included extras available for download from the net. Playing on the hardest level, they should last atleast two months. Additionally, if one feels for just some sheer slaughtering, there's possible to play a MP game vs. computer opponents.

          Some of them I've still haven't finished, like there's a real nasty one dealing with anthrax terrorists on an airport. There's like 20 of them and they all hide in the dark plus you have to demolish their aircraft before they take off and spray powder of death over central LA. Impossible, been really close though.


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            Cool, I'll probably buy it over the holidays.

            Thanks again for the info...btw, one last thing: is the randomized starting location feature for AI suspects enough to make each mission last longer and get more interesting instead of outdated, or is its effect minimal? (ditto with the mission editing tools: are they up to snuff?)
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