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  • hehehe...I need a few moments to gather myself and I will start a new one.

    Those succession games get a little out of hand don't they?
    The only thing that matters to me in a MP game is getting a good ally.Nothing else is as important.......Xin Yu


    • At last my comments :

      9 ...g6 : 9 ... g5 is more fashionable
      10 Ba3 : 10 f4 is the main line, this is not bad either
      10 ... Qg5 : Ivanchuck played this way against Kasparov in 1994. The spectacular 10 ... Qxa3, 11 Nxa3 Bb4+, 12 Qd2 would have given white a superior ending. 10 ... c5 or 10 ... d6 looked playable too.
      11 h4 : I like this move. Kasparov had played 11 g3.
      11 ... Qf4 : logical. On 11 ... Qf5, I would have played 12 Bxf8, but now I canít because of the threat of Qd4.
      12 ... Bb4+ : if you look for a mistake, this is it. This puts the bishop on a very bad place, while I wasnít expecting to castle in the near future.
      13 ... O-O : brave and consistent. 13 ... h5 was more defense minded, but probably not better.
      14 ... Qh6 : the only move, otherwise the queen only escapes at the price of a piece.
      15 a3 : I spent hours on this move before deciding to go for a safe ending with a clear plus. 15 h5 was barbaric but interesting; 15 Qe4 was tricky, winning a piece on both 15 ... f5 and 15 ... Nb6, but I didnít see anything convincing on 15 ... Ne7, 16 h5 Rad8. I was always finding nice plans for white (h file, bad coordination of black pieces), but there was too much counterplay for black who can mobilize faster.
      15 ... Be7 : 15 ... Bc5 was complicated, but I think bad. The idea was to sacrifice afrer 16 b4 Bxc4.
      16 Qd2 : following the conclusions of my thoughts in move 15.
      18 h5 : many other possibilities at the end of this long forced sequence. Maybe I should have prevented d5 with Bg2, but in many variations, the h-file was powerful.
      18 ... d5 : a dynamic move who creates some good counterplay. Many other possibilities but striking in the center is logical. Otherwise white as a confortable plus with the pawn structure and the h-file.
      21 Kc2 : preserving the perfect structure with 21 Nd2 was too passive.
      21 ... Bc8 : the best move. 21 ... Nxc4 would have looked a lot like the same game.
      22 Bh3 : the most difficult move of the game. Black bishop MUST be exchanged. The bishop pair is powerful both on offense and defense. Whatís more, thereís some nice tactical ideas based on a timely e6 and opening of the h-file that would have given me good attacking chances was the bishop to come back to a6.
      23 ... g5 : 23 ... Bxh3 looked more logical as no black rook has anything to do on the c-file.
      25 f3 : 25 f4 was perhaps stronger. Maybe I understimated the counterplay.
      26 Rcd1 : exchanging rooks and getting to the proably winning ending with strong bishop and better structure.
      33 ... Bxe3 : definitely the last mistake as the king ending is easily won. But I think that 33 ... Bxe5, 34 Bxg5 was also good enough for white with the unavoidable creation of a passed pawn on the kingside. I didnít check all variations, though.

      A good game, very complicated. I think that 12 Bb4+ ? was the key mistake. Almost all other moves were good.
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