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Warcraft II - scrolling speed?

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  • Warcraft II - scrolling speed?

    Is it possible to somehow change the scrolling speed in Warcraft II? It goes too fast. Seems that my PC is too fast for this game...

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    sorry kiddo, the only way should be getting a slower comp

    take it as it is, use minimap-clicking for navigation instead, or the arrow keys

    and don't upgrade ogres to ogre mages, it's not worth the resources


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      You could use a program that slows down the computer by eating up CPU cycles. That used to be necessary for DOS games since most of them weren't that well designed, so they become unplayable if you use a fast computer. Most modern games seem to have taken that into account though.
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        Isn't that in the Speeds part of the Options dialogues? Or am I on crack?
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          You can slow down the scroll speed in options menu (I think this option was in both warcraft 1 and 2). But you'll probably notice that this won't slow down the speed drastically.