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Why are there so many bad games?

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    there are far more crappy programmers than good ones, plus greedy publishers *cough*infogrames*cough*
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      I've been very impressed with EVERY game I've gotten.

      But I ojnly get the classics. I'm never in a hurry either.


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        Aside from Blizzard every company releases products a little bit earlier than they should, but look at the alternative, waiting four years for a game to be fully developed.
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          Most of the ones producing the games don't really relate to real gamers, they simply see them as a money making device, they "create" games based on an aloof scientific analysis of what they think gamers want without any real emotional involvement and thus they make a product without any heart or soul.

          The same principle applies to many other consumer goods and why so many of them are crap as well. eg. TV programs.
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            Russel please visit a site for game developers. Cause that's a pile load of crap. Yes they use screening, but a hell of a lot of emotion goes into game creation.

            Actually I recomend the site for every one interested in the aspects of game creation.
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              Originally posted by Father Beast
              I have to disagree. Most of Blizzard's games were horribly derivative, but they were done well (which I admit, despite my dislike for some of them). it's a matter of substance with style.
              That really has to depend on what you meant by "well." Blizzard games are highly polished with relatively few bugs, but their AI is horrible (and cheats badly) and the single player campaigns are dreadfully repetitive.
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                Originally posted by Moral Hazard

                What about MP shogun, that's were I wasted most of my time. Concerning RRT2, yes the financial element was weak, but the game had great atmosphere and qualifies my criteria of a good game since I got over 30hrs of enjoyment out of it.
                30 hours? That's not a whole lot isn't it? I easily spent several thousand on the original RRT. Maybe because of that I have a low opinion of RRT 2, even though it has much better graphics and an admittedly improved interface.

                I always felt that I don't have much control over the game. For example in RRT I can build industries, in RRT 2 I am at the mercy of random numbers. I can't initial rate wars or run priority freights. I can't set priority for each route instead of each train.

                As for MP Shogun, I haven't played that so I can't comment.
                (\__/) 07/07/1937 - Never forget
                (='.'=) "Claims demand evidence; extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence." -- Carl Sagan
                (")_(") "Starting the fire from within."