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    Originally posted by Russell
    Did you try the CTP 2 Medieval Pack which you can download from this site? It makes such a great difference to the game! IT makes it really worth playing. Without it so-so. With it-addictive.
    I played MedPack most of the time. It's really great and the main reason for me to play CTP2 for such a long time at all.
    MedPack's got a really great tech tree, well balanced units (although I disabled the counterbombarding completely. The only thing, I didn't like) and a historically correct feeling that I had with no other game before.
    The only thing Wes didn't manage IMHO is to make the AI competitive. It still sucked! I always played impossible level and won every single war I fought! The AI was not able to defend its own territory, let alone invade mine.
    The only challenge was to catch up with the AI's science, but sooner or later I always managed this and then the game got boring and I stopped it (and started another one).

    Wes did a really great job and I enjoyed playing CTP2 for a long time, but at last the weak AI got me to stop it.


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      my Civ3 crashes 5 times per hour.
      my CTP2 only once per hour.
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        Originally posted by Andemagne
        my Civ3 crashes 5 times per hour.
        my CTP2 only once per hour.
        It sounds like your computer in general needs a look at. Some sort of driver conflict by the sound of things. You'd probably find other games will crash as well.
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          played ctp2 with the apolyton pack and allmost every slic i could get my hand on. (AI gaining more PW, AI building trade tiles and so on..)
          I built my own small scenario and let the AI start with wonders like the internet, cities and more..
          designed the scenario for hotseat to play it with a friend who is also addictiv to roundbased games but as allways we stoped close to the modern age and why ?
          The tactic of the AI just sucks...
          I had Cavalary units as my best units and the computer had machine gunners and artillery. It had almost 20 more advances, 38 cities and a ton of troops but it was no problem to win the war.
          The AI does not attack stacks of 9 or more units (at least of the same tech) It never attacks stacks of 12 units. When doing an artillery duell (for example the AI defends a mountain pass ..better say accidentially defend because it was poor luck of the AI and not planned) I started an artillery duell and while i just reinfored lost units (kept my stack to 12 units) the AI didnt so it was easy to breach the pass.
          The AI didnt really defend its empire...yes lots of troop stacks but they just stand there waiting for something i guess.
          The AI could have easily whiped my ass with so many and so advanced troops but nothing happend. I could crush one after another. As a human player balancing your stacks is important (right mix of ranged units close comabt units and flanking units)
          The AI just cant do that and so the 12 army stack can easily be beaten.
          Another trick is to have a balanced stack to crush the way into the empire then let a pure fast moving unit of 12 follow (for example knights) to attack the cities in the heart of the AIs empire. Poor defended so no match.
          No counter Attacks of the AI, no real try to strike at my empire.

          So finally CTP2 is no longer a challange for me nor my friend.

          We are back playing Master of Orion 2 untill the release of Civ 3 or MOO 3 in germany ;p
          (Try MOO 2 starting at impossible and pre warp with a race that is not custom made and you know its a challenge hehe. Even the ship design of the AI is really smart and taking the race features into account)

          I just really hope that Civ 3 has two features....
          A challanging AI who acually is able fight and use its troops in a smart manner (not just with masses of troops) and a hotseat mode in the german version when they (well promised that hehe) put the multiplayer option into the game.


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            both deserve the trash'nt say i liked either very much both were major diappointments
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              I gave up playing CTP II because of the interface. Missed messages, all the time.

              One mods the rules of Civ III by moding Civ3mod.bic in the editor and using one of the menu commands. Tab windows come up and anything about can be "modded" to play the game, if needed. Now, a patch has come out and except for DX8 drivers for sound, which I rename the sound.dll to sound'dl_ and really do not listen to the sounds, until a new computer or DX8 sound card with drivers, the interface is good to me. I like workers instead of public works, and the other is on the City Screen, where you take care of the City.

              (Part of the Game -- give the workers orders -- give them all orders -- are you not the Emperor, whatever!).
              Play options can turn off when starting a new game, now stay the same until one changes the 'WIN' conditions.
              Add name by clicking on the name of the computer player, I am playing.

              Keep playing CIV III, a game you hate, and then love, because it is only a computer game. (Patch includes some additional items for editor!). Remember CIV II did not include some of this stuff until a patch came out later, then scenarios, then the NWO scenario with even different units, graphics done by 'Scenario Makers" and such.

              On and on, in Civ II.