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MOM II ? When ?

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  • MOM II ? When ?

    can we expect a Master of Magic II release someday ?

    think it's combat turn base systems is the best system ever seen in CIV type game ever. Shame that no other game have use this concept...

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    I still play MOM (I have a game in progress on this computer as I write). I'd buy MOM II even if they didn't update the gameplay at all. Just reprogram the AI so it doesn't commit gross idiocies. Things like:

    1. Blindly attacking with weaker units which could avoid combat (either because they're faster or can fly).
    2. Sitting behind city walls and letting the attacker shoot spells and arrows at will. The AI will do this even if the attacker is puny and could be slaughtered.
    3. Casting useless spells. My favorite is when a Chaos wizard calls up multiple fire elementals against an enemy force which has nothing but flyers.

    It would also be nice if the human player had the option to end a combat without penalty if he's in a position to avoid contact with the enemy (either because of superior speed or having only flyers against units which can't attack them). It's tedious having to play keep-away for 50 turns.
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      In this thread you can understand what's going on with MOM 2. Check it out!
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        I shall have a look there