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Whatever happened to "Destiny"?

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  • Whatever happened to "Destiny"?

    I'm just wondering whatever happened to Destiny the Civ wannabe. I read a review of it, I think it was about 77%, but it never arrived to the shores of New Zealand.
    Did anyone buy it? Can anyone tell me anything about it? What's it really like? Is it worth buying if it comes out on the cheap label?
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    I bought a used copy and have tried playing it. Notice I said tried. It is real time based, although it does have an option to play it turn based. I found it mechanically dificult to play, especially at the higher levels. I spent a lot of time responding to pop-up message boxes notifying me that such and such an item had been completed and while you are dumping the next string of taskes into the research and build queues everything is still running. I never reached a point where I felt that I was planning anything, just responding to uncontrolable events. Trying to manuver units was probably my biggest hassle because of the way they set things up. It was very counter-intuitive to me, but then I am more of a command line interface person than I am a mouse competent one.

    The concepts and intentions were very good, just poorly implemented for my city building preferences.



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      Don't bother with this game, it's like playing civ in 2100 when having 200 cities, with the difference the level of micromanagement is reached well before BC and when having just a couple of cities. The interface was clunky and interaction with competitors was extremley dull as well.
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