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Cossacks Better Than Civ3!!

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    i wanna play redalert as a tbs! show me the money!

    anyway, only combo of TBS and RTS (and a great one, btw) is shogun: Total war. If you hate civ3, buy the gold edition of that instead, because TBS obviously isn't your thing if you hate civ3!
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      Its like saying Baking is much better than going on holiday!. Piss head.


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        american conquest= game just like cossacks but on american continent and better gameplay. AC and the new add-on for cossacks will make one of the best games out there better.

        for those who called me 'stupid' by saying civ is not a RTS, if you would play multiplayer instead of cowering against a wimpy,easy to beat AI , you would have learned you can adjust SMAC and civ2 to RTS while playing online.

        heres a good fansite:

        and for those that think cossacks is another AOE series is slightly off. again, cossacks tears those games apart (and i've been long fanatics of all civ,aoe,etc strategy games).


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          To say that Civ MP is like an RTS is warping the analogy beyond all

          The units may move simultaneously, but it's only one phase of a
          turn. Build, terraform; all are distinct phases of a single turn. In a
          "true" RTS, all of your commands are carried out as you give them,
          build queues, unit attacks, and so on.

          What RTS games lack is the depth that TBS has. Research and
          development is restricted to a few techs to boost unit power,
          industry is merely a collection of buildings, economics is
          non-existent, and the only way to win is by tank-rushing your
          opponent to death. RTS games, even AoE and the upcoming
          "Empire Earth" only focus on combat and specific points in history.
          Civ aims to encompass the sweep of human existance. Try doing
          that in real time.

          If you hate civ, fine. There are plenty of other games for you like
          Battlezone, Uprising, RA, C@C, Warcraft, etc. Just don't try to pull
          the old straw man argument to put down somthing that you
          disagree with.


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            Heretic! Burn him at the stake!
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              first, i've been a long time civ player and will continue to do so. however, have you played both? were you aware that there are over 300 tech advances in cossacks? over 8000 unit possibilities? right now the only thing cossacks lack is the diplomacy but they are working on that. i will admit i don't see how u can play ww2 scenarios (only civ will be able to accomplish this), but as far as playing games that represent prior to flight, cossacks is the almighty. someday, a mix of both will make the ultimate strategy game.