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    Wizard's Crown - C64
    Bard's Tale 1 - C64
    Mail Order Monster - C64
    Tau Ceti - Spectrum 48
    Archon 1 & 2 - C64
    Underwurdle - Spectrum 48
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      Antirad - C64
      Archon - C64
      Beachhead -C64
      Boulder Dash I, II - C64 - utterly addictive puzzle arcade game
      Defender of the Crown - C64
      Gauntlet I, II - C64
      Ghostbusters - C64 - still enjoy playing this game!
      Gunship - C64
      International Karate - C64 - the only fight game that has entertained me
      Last Ninja - C64
      Mission Impossible - C64 - another great puzzle style arcade game
      Pirates - C64 - first Sid game I played. Truly inspiring.
      Pitfall II - C64
      Spy vs Spy - C64 - great multiplayer game based upon Mad Magazine
      Wizball - one of the few arcade games I have ever completed after a marathon session.

      Commando - Arcade
      Frogger - Arcade
      Dig Dug - Arcade
      Donkey Kong - Arcade
      Double Dragon - Arcade
      Elevator Action - Arcade
      Galaxian - Arcade
      Ghost N Goblins - Arcade
      Gyruss - Arcade
      Pacland - Arcade
      Pacman - Arcade
      Pengo - Arcade
      Popeye - Arcade
      Wonderboy - Arcade
      Xevious - Arcade

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        Originally posted by Crazy Eddie
        Elite, definitely.

        That's right!!
        How they could cram a whole universe into a mere 32K is still beyond me...
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          Originally posted by ravagon
          I was always rather fond of Sierra's adventure games. Space Quest etc and Quest for Glory especially
          Space Quest III was great. I absolutely loved that astro chicken sub-game and played it for hours as a child It was a very basic game like lunar lander, but more fun. I also have never forgotten that priceless bit where Roger WIlco puts a ladder in his pocket and makes some joke about how it made his pants look big (if you know what I mean )

          Quest for Glory (Hero's Quest), the orriginal, was a great game. I very much enjoyed it. Everything from Baba yaga to the snowman to the hermit and the theive's guild. Great stuff. That series got worse with time though. QG II was great. QGIV was ok. QGV and later blew.


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            I only played Space Quest V, but it was the funniest game I have ever played. And I also enjoyed the point-and-click interface. No more typing commands! Finnaly!

            For those who played the game, did you ever turned the cloacking shield off before boarding the Goliath SS?
            You got instantly killed by a Goliath photon, and the following ending message was: "DUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! You died because you were dumb!"
            Oh, the good times...
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              popeye..... that was alot of was elevator action.....
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                Originally posted by War4ever
                popeye..... that was alot of was elevator action.....

                Popeye? Bleagh! I'd rather play Commando, Ghost 'n Goblins or Outrun!

                Elevator Action was cool though, simple&fun to play with nice music -dada-daa-daa-dadadadaaaah- . I played it a lot after MAME became popular in '97/98 as it was one of the few emulated arcade games that ran on my aging 486.
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                  Shuffle Puck Café.


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                    Rendevous -- Apple IIc computer -- fly the space shuttle into docking.

                    Elite -- Another Apple IIc computer original game.

                    Flight Simulator --- Bruce Shelley original of Microsoft's Flight Simulator.

                    Pirates --- "Sid" Game.

                    RR Tycoon ---- "Got an Ace up your sleeve!"

                    Harpoon --- 1989 Hall of Fame Classic Game -- played by the Navy.

                    Rogue, Dos-CIV original CIV game, fixed later now CIV III.

                    1989 was one of those years.