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Which NON Civ Games Did You Buy Last Year?

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    Last year:

    The Sims (took up way to much of my time to buy much else, but I bought a couple of others)
    Shogun: Total War
    Crimson Skies
    Homeworld: Catechelism
    SpyCraft: The Great Game (one of the great classics of the middle 90s)

    Games I missed but am still planning on:

    Earth 2025
    Diablo II

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      All of them , and most of them suck

      Good ones
      Panzer General 3D Assault
      Panzer General 3
      Age of Wonders
      Shogun: Total War
      Warlords III: Darklords Rising
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        The games i got last year

        Unreal Tournament
        ST: Elie Force
        ST: Starfleet Command
        ST: Armada
        ST: conQuest online
        ST: Invasion
        The Sims
        Imperialism 2 (a load of rubbish compared to Imperialism)
        Roller Coaster Tycoon
        Call to power
        Quake 3 Arena

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          Quake (too frenetic)
          Sim City 3000 (boooooooring)
          HalfLife (I and II) love this game...a little bit of everything.
          Madden 2001 Football (ok)

          That's about it.......

          Bring it!

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            Originally posted by SuperSneak on 04-20-2001 03:31 PM
            HalfLife (I and II) love this game...a little bit of everything.

            I didn't even know that the sequel had come out yet!!
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              Icewind Dale
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                just bought black and white and fallout: tactics. does that count as last year. like in what games did you buy in the last year, or what games did you buy last year?

                well I'm off to kill some raiders


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                  Originally posted by Squalodon on 04-20-2001 04:08 PM
                  I didn't even know that the sequel had come out yet!!

                  Yeah...I think they rushed it a bit to follow up on the first's just as good...but pretty similar, really.

                  Haven't ever tried HalfLife on the net....anyone else?
                  Life and death is a grave matter;
                  all things pass quickly away.
                  Each of you must be completely alert;
                  never neglectful, never indulgent.


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                    Railroad Tycoon 2,
                    Championship Manager season 00/01
                    Ummm....that's about it, I think....
                    We're back!


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                      Black & White- way to much micro management-maybe later I play again.
                      Zeus- lots of fun - for a short while- then boring.
                      Tropico- just got it- looks like a great game.
                      Imperialism II- ugh!!
                      Settlers IV- (UK version)- ugh!!
                      Europa Univ- huge learning curve- later- after I'm done with Tropico
                      The Sims- and Living Large- loved this game- many, many hours wasted.
                      Majesty- not my type- resold on Ebay
                      Longest Journey- lots of fun- but when you finish that's it.
                      Sacrifice- scary- gave to my 14 year old nephew.

                      Games I can't wait to buy-
                      Civ III
                      Master of Orion III



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                        High Heat Baseball 2000/Jack Nicklaus 4 (bargain set for $15.)
                        Planescape: Torment/Might and Magic VII (bargain set for $15.)
                        Age of Wonders
                        Sim City 3000 Unlimited
                        Black and White
                        Heroes 3 complete

                        Even that's too many... I just don't have the time to spend at games that I once did.
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                          Deus Ex, (excellent)

                          Opposing Force, (too short,)

                          Age fo Empires Gold, with expansion pack. (OK)
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                            Too many to count.
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                              -Starcraft the second one (really enjoyable but doesn't draw me back like Civ)
                              -Age of Empires II (should have stuck to AOE I)
                              -Need for Speed Porche Unleashed (Love porches and cars so I guess I would be biased by saying I loved it)
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                                -Caesar III
                                -The Sims

                                I'd like to get my hands on a copy of Master of Orion II or SimEarth...
                                oh god how did this get here I am not good with livejournal