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Battlenet is a big pile of donkey crap

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  • Battlenet is a big pile of donkey crap

    there I ranted. my cable modem just doesnt' seem to be enough . First extreme lag. And then I get kicked off. The realms have been down like 7 times I've been checking since last night. I played little today before being kicked off.

    How many losers play a game 8 months after its release? OK I am one of them. I purposely didn not play diablo2 for 6 months hoping battlenet would improve as people grew bored of the game. It will be even worse when the expansion comes out.

    They have been been under attack by hackers recently, perhaps they succeeded in shutting them down. Hacker are gutless bastard. I'd love to crush the nuts of one of them

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    hey this thread need a bump

    surely someone else uses out there. I just want to hear them say it is a pile of donkey crap too. That way I don't think it's just me.


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      Think is doing pretty well, all things considered.


      Seriously--I have characters spread over three servers now (everything but Asian), and I have yet to run into a situation where lag had left all three unplayable.
      No, I did not steal that from somebody on Something Awful.


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        I never considered spreading them out. that could work. Can you move them after you create them?

        I'm finally building up all the classes up to level 30. Although the necro will be last. I really don't like the necro. But I vowed to beat Diablo solo with all characters.

        Only 1 or 2 I will take into Hell. Probably my Amazon and barbarian. Possibly my Paladin if he can hold up.


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          No, unfortunately. You have to rebuild for each realm as if you were playing for the first time (which of course you are, for that realm); this can lead to a bit of shock when you do change realm--going from my USEast team of roughly twelve "in play" characters and nearly as many mules, to my USWest team of four "in play" characters and one mule (due to a lack of items worth muling), to my single character on Europe. If you are used to charging around with item-rich characters, you have to re-learn handling the item-poor ones.
          No, I did not steal that from somebody on Something Awful.


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            I have never been item rich.

            I actually dislike players witch mega awesome items at early levels. all my items I get myself through monsters drops or gambling- I'm a gambleholic

            although I did once trade for a pair of fasted run boots, but they are not that great.

            And I have yet to have a character get over 37 so I have never even had any great items. I'm working on it with my barbarian though.


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              Item-rich and Item-poor are, of course, relative terms...

              My highest level char, after seven months(?) of play, is a clvl 39 pikazon; the average level of all of my chars probably average out to the high side of 20. I have a large number of low-level (but still nice) rares, due ongoing gambling and imbue-mule projects.

              I have never begged for items, though I do trade and will accept gifts dropped in front of me (happened with an entire Cleglaw's set, once...:eek ).

              I have never seen a lance--rare or otherwise.

              Same goes for the fabled 'Stone of Jordan', and every other unique ring and ammy.

              By item-rich I mean that I can give any new char a moderate number of reasonable items--some white, some blue, maybe a yellow of bronze if the level's right and I feel the need. Mana and life leech are always a given, but for the rest, I tend to let the new char collect items 'naturally' through act I.

              On the item-poor side of things, my entire USWest team has two mana leech, and two life leech items between them, including the previously mentioned Cleglaw's.

              When someone enters a game and asks "Anything good to trade?", I always answer, "Define 'good'"...
              No, I did not steal that from somebody on Something Awful.