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  • The Corporate Machine by Stardock

    I've checked out the demo for corporate machine by Stardock It's the sequel to the game Entrepreneur, it looks very similar but there are some improvements in the interface and you have more access to information (a feature sorely missed in the original).

    All in all it's a pretty enjoyable business game. In the demo you start at the beginning of the computer industry and have to gain a 65% marketshare. You can improve your product by research, marketing campaigns etc and building various production sites through the world. The AI is pretty good, it's easy to win at the lowest level. But you'll have a fight on your hand at the higher ones, even more when you play with 3 computer opponents or higher.

    If you like business simulations with some decent AI, try TCM. It's one of the best business sims on the market these days.
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    Well I downloaded it and got crushed on beginner. I was playing with three competitors tho. One thing which I couldn't find in my 15 minute game is a financing model, I guess I should read the readme there are ways to procure additional finance right?
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      HeHe. Played it a bit more and I don't care about secondary financing. I had more money than I knew what to do with. Me and Mitrosoft were spliting the pie down the center and IDM was getting about 5%. I'll I needed was more sales execs. Yeah it's a lot of fun.
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