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Unreal Tournament (vs) Quake III

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  • Unreal Tournament (vs) Quake III

    Round 1:
    I was woundering who perfers what? I'm a total UT fan myself, but what about you? Tell me what you think?

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  • #2
    UT has more interesting weapons and you can shoot people in the head (headshot!). But I like Q3 better, mainly because of the game physics. You can jump around like crazy and still it feels natural.

    Untill now the best of all is quakeworld of course, from back when you had real quality rocketlaunchers.

    But all these games are probably considered retarded here...


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      Unreal Tournament, largely because of the weapons. And I like the feel of the game better. The interface, the tournament structure, the different types of levels, the balanced game speed, and especially the great weapons. Double Enforcers rule!


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        I haven't really played either, but Q3's engine is much more impressive to me.

        But can I nominate Counter-Strike? It'll kick both of their asses.
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        - Lone Star


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          The graphics, AI and sound afffects in UT are truly something to behold. Those Bots act and sound like you're playing real humans. I'm normally a TB gamer. Then I fired up the UT demo - and it blew my socks off. Believe me, playing that game first thing in the morning is a great substitute for coffee.

          I highly recommend the game - for all types of gamers.

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          • #6
            I go fo rUnreal Tournament

            Q3A looks way too... cartoon-like


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              I think Unreal Tournament is a good game.I haven't played Ouake3 yet but some people told me that it isn't so good as Unreal Tournament and I think thei're right.


              • #8
                Q u a k e :: A r e n a owns you little kids! well at least it owns me... I love it, only use the rail no matter what, and I do think that rocket jumping is for cake eaters... alhtough I think ID made a mistake charging for their Team Arena mod... but after seeing that cool movie, maybe I'll give it a try...


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                  UT is good for some carnage, i prefer it over Quake. However all those games are first person, which isn't my favorite genre by any means.


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                    U sux0r! I wiLL 0wn y00!
                    I am 1337! I r00lz!


                    "On this ship you'll refer to me as idiot, not you captain!"
                    - Lone Star


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                      u r 4 pr31[\]|)3r 70 7[=]3 7[=]r0[\]3, j44kk0

                      1'[\/] [\/]0r3 1337 7[=]4[\] j00!!!

                      And unreal tournament ownz Quake3. Because the gameplay is better. Quake3 just *looks* better.