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    Does anyone know a good site where i can find the copy protection codes for the Quest For Glory series?

    Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

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    Um? I wasn't aware that copy-protection codes played a part in the qfg series? Which one were you having problems with in particular?

    Anyway, I've never had any problems with any of those that I downloaded. I think I got them from BHLegend ( - (sorry I'm not any good at making links ) originally (maybe they were already cracked?).


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      Thanks. I did download them from Bhlegend, and I've since discovered they are cracked. By the way, have you any idea of any good sites to download the Space Quest series? I assume they are also Abandon Ware.

      Voluntary Human Extinction Movement


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        As far as I'm aware, they're not. Sierra still sells "Space Quest", "Kings Quest" and "leisure Suit Larry" packs, I think.


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          Heh. Apologies for not replying sooner. I had the weekend off for once.

          I don't think any of the older versions are still available commercially except as freebies in a pack with the latest version. Some consider that as abandoned and others don't.

          A couple of places you might try are Dos graveyard and The Keep both of which I think can be reached through the underdogs ( linkpage.
          Can't check it at the moment though. Browser problems anyone?