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Does anybody suck at Starcraft?

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  • Does anybody suck at Starcraft?

    But yet still want to play MP. I finished the regular and brood wars campaigns, but can't beat the computer in a 1 on 1 match. I have been trying to play on and have had my ass handed to me. I am just not fast enough I guess.

    I would like to know if anybody sucks and wants to play some time.
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    Originally posted by Garth Vader on 09-01-2000 11:48 AM
    I would like to know if anybody sucks and wants to play some time.

    Yeah, I'm up for a game. I just e-mail me at when you'd like to play.


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      I suck at StarCraft Too!! I beat up to the 7th or 8th Terran Mission, 3rd or 4th Zerg and Protoss Missions.
      I played a 4vs4 and it turned into a 1vs3 after one person quit and the other 2 got killed and I won!!!! Ahhhhh I love the photon cannons and the carriers!!!
      But I'm not into the 1vs1 style. I play ? human vs ? AI

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        Build a mil building(barrack)first. or cannon if protoss.

        I use "7 probe", "8 SCV" and "7 drone" building tactics .

        The first 20 seconds dictate whether AI can rush you or not so be fast with no errors.


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          I suck also. I finished the Terran campaign and I think I was on the 7th or 8th Zerg campaign. I could never get the hang of using the special abilities of my units link I wanted to. The AI kickes my butt when it does several things simultaniously. I can't click that fast.


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            I suck cause I never played...