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Do you keep and play your old games?

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    Does Transport Tycoon Deluxe count?

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      well... i still play wolfenstein 3d on occaision, as do i play doom. i haven't had the urge to play any of the quest for Glory games lately... and lords of the realm 2 was a favorite... but i have to say that i've been playing the secret of monkey island 1 & 2 the most lately...

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        I played Lords of the Realm II. Mildly interesting, but the game always tried to do a job on me with random events, mostly in the form of floods, when I was ahead. It was really annoying and I can't avoid the cursed cheatings by saving and loading. So I quitted.

        I found a tactic that worked all the time on battlefields; I couldn't tell if that's peculiar to my computer. This tactic makes archers invincible; the only way they could lose is to a larger group of archers. Here's how it works:

        1. Have your group of archers start shooting as soon as the tactical view comes up. If you are fighting against a mixed group kill off the macemen first. Then those with the least amount of armor.

        2. When the enemy, or the fastest group of enemy, gets within a certain distance, run away.

        3. Due to a certain parculiarity of the program, your archers can't get away. Instead, they get plopped on some random battlefield.

        4. Repeat steps 1-3 until you have totally decimated the enemy. This requires a sturdy rodent and even sturdier body parts, as it might take quite a while to wear a large group down to nothingness.
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