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PC Game Reviewer Needed- This is a Pay Postion

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  • PC Game Reviewer Needed- This is a Pay Postion


    I have just finished the final touches on the development process of my new website, This website will be dedicated to reviewing every computer game that comes out. We also offer game demos for download. We are in need of a PC Game Reviewer. This position will be very big on the site. You will need to write concise reviews, with a great amount of style and interest. An example of what I would need in a review is here:

    This position would be a paid one. It will not work on a set salery, but you will take a % of the sites income. The % will be agreed apon depending on the amount of work you do. Games will be provided to you for review, free of charge, bought for you, by

    If you have anymore questions contact me, I need a reviewer ASAP.

    Mark "TheGameGuy" Bennett
    ICQ uin: 8727166

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    Perhaps one of the teenagers would be interested, esp one who's interested in writing. Albert Speer? Apathetic D Reamer (that's a good one )?
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      Teenager?? yikes man!! Not exactly.

      Oh, i'd be VERY interested, sure. The problem is, i'll be somewhat unavailable for the next few months, as I will likely be shipping out for basic training. Tis a shame, I really would love to.