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The Rise and Rule of Ancient Empires

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  • The Rise and Rule of Ancient Empires

    Is this one available free on internet? anyone give an URL?

    Is it good? I've read of it and would like to try it.

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    I've read the review about it recently when I was throwing away my old gaming magazines. It is not good. Suggest that you don't try it. Apart from that review, I also have the game manual and box and the CDs to look at to confirm this idea.
    My sister is throwing away excess software and this is one of them. I take a look and [yuck] I don't like it. If you are willing to get it from Hong Kong [grin], I can give it to you free.
    I am throwing it away tomorrow with some old adventure games (Time Lapse, Urban Runner and some other stuff)


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      Couldn't you just send me the CD?

      You really from Hong kong? That would make it more difficult...just kidding. I just saw the graphics and heard rumors that it would be similar to civilization and so I thought "Heym why not try it?". But you must know it. Thanks!


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        Believe me, the demo is infinitely boring. It is only interesting aspect are the rendered city screens.

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