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    This is the new post about it. So what is everyone's favorite assignment? I liked Mediolanum the best, so far. I am now on the Tingis assignment. I liked the fact that Mediolanum had farmland galore and a chance to get a Triumphal arch. You should have seen the defenses I built . I still can't believe I survived that attack of over 100 Carthaginian soldiers and 12 elephants. Has anyone ever earned the Emperor's respect by defeating the army he sent to arrest you? I did that once in Carthago . Btw, will I need to build a military academy in Tingis? I heard that Numidians are much easier to beat than Carthaginians.

    "I like to eat puppies and babies."
    ~Kathy Lee Gifford

    "Everywhere are gymnasia, fountains, gateways, temples, factories, schools... and the world which from the beginning has been laboring in illness has now been put in the way of health. Cities are radiant in their splendor and their grace, and the whole earth is as trim as a garden!"
    Aelius Aristides, 2nd Century A.D. (from the Caesar 2 manual)