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Railroad Tycoon 2: Please help

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  • Railroad Tycoon 2: Please help

    I'm about to buy railraod second hand for 20$, however there's no manual with it. So I want to know whether is there much info in the official RR2 manual ? Is it a fat manual, with extensive explanation and some game advice like those of MPS or just a thinny one with only the absolutely necessary info ?

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    I dont think there's much info. Than again, the first RRT was way better. RRT2 is just fancy graphics with little game play. I don't understand why so many games are going this way. The thing I miss most in RRT2 are the signal gates - there gone!!
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      you can't build a large company in RR2 and be happy... in the end there isn't enough time. your just buying new trains, all the time.
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        MWHC, could you be bit more specific ? How much info is there exactly ? And what about ? Is it useful or necessary ?
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          Get in contact with my friends at cyberrail:

          RRT2 is infinitely more in-depth than RRT (like comparing Civ2 with Civ).


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            Can't I just have a quick question here ? I'm too lazy too fill in profile application and wait for the answer there. And I'm a bit in a hurry, the question isn't that hard, I'm sure everyone knows the difference between a detailed telephone book'ish manual and one that consists of nothing more then a few A4 sheets with installation info.


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              Agh, never mind answerring this extremely hard question, I'm not buying the game anyway because its AI appears to suck.


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                The manual is a thick manual with tutorials in the back and little nuances that you might like to know. There is also a section in the manual that can tell you how to make your own scenarios. Good Luck though.