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  • Don't buy 1602...

    IMO, the game looks and feels good BUT unless you love SimCity, I won't recommend it. 90% of the game plays just like SimCity with some trading and battle actions. The worst thing is that you can't pause the game to take a look at the map and the resources. It is another example of how RTS is not for serious strategy games, but more for the video-gaming crowd.

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    Thanks Steve, I've been playing the demo for 1602, thought it had some good points, but wasn't sure I'd like it well enough if I bought it. The lack of a pause function was, for me, a BIG negative for the demo, but I thought surely the full version will have it, right? Thanks for setting me straight! Maybe I'll just pass on this one.



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      Can you provide an address for the demo?
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        It's just 25.6 Megabytess ! Click at download, thean at demos at

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          I though 1602 was fine. It's not a great game, but if you liked Caesar3, then it is basically the same thing.

          The voice acting and graphics aren't quite as good as Caesar's, but building up your colonies still provides about a week or two of interesting micromanagement.

          If you can find it cheap it might be worth a look.
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            Where can I buy this game? (In Sydney, Australia that is). Tried everywhere I could think of.


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              I recommend using an online seller. I know sells it. probably others as well. I haven't checked.