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Does anyone else play SE III?

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  • Does anyone else play SE III?

    I was sorting out the nether regions of my Hard Drive today and came across a lovely little game called Space Empires III from Malfador Machinations. It is a sort of space based Civ game with technical development and some diplomacy although the only victory comes from conquest (good news for W4E & DaveV). I played it quite a lot a few years ago, but have not tried it recently. Just for old times sake I surfed to their site and their next version (SE IV) will be out in April. It should be worth a look.
    Previously these people have released a slightly crippled version as freeware and then uncrippled it after registration.
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    Scouse Gits

    i have been following SE IV since they first announced it i usually check out their web site like twice a month, they are currently in the the beta test phase for SE IV and the graphics are supposed to be alot better than SE III

    i'm eagerly waiting for it to come out



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      Looks like SE III is still available for download... shall try.


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        SE III?
        *puh* you meant settlers III

        For am moment there I thought you meant Second Edition (win98) III

        *will be having nightmares forever after this*

        (aaaaaaaaaaargghh win2k is coming to get me aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!)