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  • Rainbow Six

    I got this a few days ago after getting my new screamer PC. Anyone here play MP?? Let me know - email me me.

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    i have it MWHC... but you need a patch to prevent the supersensitive mouse
    Boston Red Sox are 2004 World Series Champions!


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      This game is great! Do you need the patch for MP?? It works fine on my system - no problems. I could load it if you need it.

      Anyway, embassy level, vet level. This plan works about %50 of the time. Got into a heavy fire fight on the second floor and unloaded a whole clip (I was Burke - 33 rounds! )

      My latest plan:

      A good outcome:

      I'm still new at this. I see now how important flash bombs are now. Also cover fire. Again, cool game. +10 on the MWHC scale.

      The fire fight on floor two - got a little lucky.

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        yah you can't affoard to lose any early men as you need them later ... its a tough game
        Boston Red Sox are 2004 World Series Champions!