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What game should I buy??

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  • What game should I buy??

    This seemed like the best place to put this post. I used to play Civ1 years ago, and loved it...but moved on. Now I want to get a newer game, and see both Civ2,TOT, and C:CTP. After reading posts for and against each, I needed to come right out and ask...which one should I get? I have found them both at a store for $30, which seems like a fair price, so my question is simple...

    Which is better Civ2:TOT, or C:CTP

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    "Wait a minute..this isn''t FAUX dive, it's just a DIVE!"
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      ToT is OK, but you need the patch ...


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        Tot is a rehash of civ:2 and a bad one at that. CTP has more in common with civ 1 but has lots of new features over tot. And with ctp it is very customizable so if you use mods CTP is your choice. One more thing, Ctp if over 48 megs of ram. if less than that then ctp might be a tad slow.


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          If you don't have Civ2, ToT is a good choice. In fact it's a redone Civ2 with some additions.
          If you have Civ2 already, buy AoK


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            Thanks, I appreciate the input...ended up with TOT. I had played civ2 before, but didn't have it. Happy gaming!