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The Good,Bad,and Ugly

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  • The Good,Bad,and Ugly

    After 4 days and over 30 hrs of gameplay these are my thoughts when comparing CTP to CIV2...
    The Good : The Enhanced Graphics
    Public Works System
    Trade System easier

    The BAD : City Status (its much harder to get a feel of your cities production, attitude and units. You could double click on any city in CIV2 and get it all in one glimpse, no time-comsuming wading thru numerous small panels like in CTP.
    Diplomacy is bland and not as logical in their offers and treaties..
    Your Gameplay options are not saved, you need to reset them every game..
    No turn "Auto-Save"..

    The UGLY : Unit movement is awkward. Too many mistakened moves.
    Next unit is not "centered"
    Too many actions involving you take place off screen.

    With the right patch, CTP could be a game that would at least be as satisfying as CIV2 was. As is, after you finish ooOOing and Ahhhing over the grahics, you will discover all the shortcomings when compared to the game its based on.. CIV2