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The future of scenarios?

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  • The future of scenarios?

    All of you who played civ II and loved the scenarios that came with CiC and FW are probably wondering about the scnearios in CTP.

    This is probably going to be the thing that effects me the most in my decision.

    Normally I don't buy comptuer games. The last one I bought was Fantastic Worlds. Before that it was Conflicts in Civlization, before that Civ II. Other computer games just don't do it for me. So that probably puts me in the minority here :P

    Anyway the thing I like about civ was the customizability. It was the only thing that kept it interesting, I mean sure it was a great game but it was still just a game. But with the scenarios you could play god! THAT was fun!

    I hope that CTP realizes this and if scenarios aren't included in the basic package then special add ons are on the way.

    If this has all been said before, forgive me, I usually don't come here.

    Does anyone have any facts about scenarios in call to power, or test of time? We all know MGE sucks. And people say that SMAC is just not fun to play. So who knows, maybe CTP is the way to go?

    I don't get much sleep. Thats why this post sounds like it was dictated by a crackhead. Who needs sleep anyway? I have ephidrene!

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    I have high hopes for CtP, especially if they manage to let us have one sprite rather than five of the same unit.:-)
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      I to am hoping that scenario building is possible in CTP. I'm very dissapointed with the scenario building potential in SMAC right now, it seems you're locked into the sci-fi genre no matter what you do because unit graphics appear to be unchangable.


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        I like the scenario editor in SMAC it doesn't let you change the unit icons but it still allows you to create pretty interesting Scenarios. I'm working on a scenario right now and I am quite pleased with the scenario building capability. SMAC is indeed a pretty cool game. If only the would add a events editor...

        CTP: I don't know if Units will be customizable, but I can still see a lot of potential for interesting and fun scenarios. Thirty Civs in a scenario? I don't know if it's true, but if it is, CTP scenarios will be awesome. (And if they manage an events editor it would be really awesome)


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          I'm sorry but just about any scenario i'd want to make is ruined by the inability to customize unit graphics. Its a shame to because SMAC's custom factions are very cool (though only having 7 is a major limit)