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  • Comparasion

    First..Neither SMAC or CTP brings any "new" gaming concept to the table. Exploring,Researching,and Fighting in a turn-based format has been around for years now !!! The differences that each bring are
    mostly graphically. I've played both now
    and there are some plus and minus areas in both. CTP is far more graphically enchanced
    in the Unit graphics and has better defined goals . SMAC is better in AI and Diplomacy.
    Both are ridiculousily cumbersome in unit movement. That said, I think CTP is just more fun to play. Bottom line to any game as far as I'm concerned.

  • #2
    Is CTP's AI really that bad? I mean it would have to be simply dreadful to be worse than SMAC's. I thought SMAC had a good AI at 1st, but having played it for a month or so i've seen it do many really really stupid things, a common thing i see it do is have all the defenders of a city walk out of the city for no good reason when an enemy draws near allowing for easy taking of said city. I've also witnessed a boat with a colony pod on it come up to a vast unexplored continent next to a 1 square island that had no resources on or near it. The AI decided to found a base on that tiny island and completely ignore the continent. There are many other instances i can think of where the AI was just flat-out stupid.. my biggest problem is the tendency it has to have all the defenders of a base walk away from the base, that happens commonly.