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Where on Earth is ToT?

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  • Where on Earth is ToT?

    Right, since this forum is supposed to compare MGE/UCCC, CTP, SMAC and ToT I thought it best if we actually knew where we stood with ToT. Has anybody seen any screenshots yet? Have their been any more reports on it since it was first announced? Or are we seeing a classic example of a piece of vapourware?

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    I should probably make a TOT faq page...

    Screenshots(from last E3) is here

    TOT is not vapourware(imho). It was announce for the first half of '99, we haven't passed it yet...

    The problem for me is just that MPS isn't very keen in making announcements about their games. It took them 2.5 years to make a site(not a single page) for civ2...

    Markos, Apolyton CS


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      So ToT is just an upgraded version of Civ2. Looks like that from the screenshots.


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        From what I've gathered about TOT, it is simply adding a few features to Civ2, such as linked maps, etc. What MPS really needs to do is start from the ground up. Hey, give me a team of programmers to do my bidding and I'll make you a great game!