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    I didn't want to share this with the rest of the community because I wasn't sure if this was a violation of Apolyton's rules. But I couldn't find anything against the site in question.

    Anyway, I've found a site which has songs from games that are remixed by dj's. The songfiles are made by the dj's and are they aren't pirated files or anything. Basically, they're originals.

    Lot's of good music there, I've downloaded a lot of remixes. I especially love the Ducktales games remixes. The Megaman remixes are also good.

    Try it out.

    (if this indeed violates the rules of Apolyton, I'm sorry)

    Overclocked Game Remixes

    Just click on the letters for the games titles and they'll have a list of games with remixes done. Hope you guys like it.
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