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IWS XLIII: A Stupid Tribute to Bob Dylan

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  • IWS XLIII: A Stupid Tribute to Bob Dylan

    Whether we realize it or not, we're all probably very familiar with at least one song that sprang from the feritle mind of Robert Zimmerman, aka Bob Dylan. What better way to celebrate his vast influence than having a bunch of polytubbies do their dead level best to give the silliest answers to questions based on his music? Therefore, without further ado...

    All answers are allowed. However, scoring is not based on what the "correct" answer is . It is based on how many other participants choose the same answer. So, for example, if I ask what fruit is the greatest, and 17 people say "banana," each person who answered "banana" will get 17 points for that question. If someone says "mango," and they're the only one, they will get 1 point for that question.

    However, the answer doesn't have to even fit the criteria. If two people answer "My irrepressible genital herpes" when asked what fruit is the greatest, they will still get two points for that question.

    Your individual score will be the total of your scores for all questions.
    Remember to send the answers to me via PM, rather than posting them in the thread, and please bump the thread when you send.

    1. How many roads must a man walk down?

    2. If dogs run free, why am I stuck in Mobile?

    3. Who is the "Neighborhood Bully"?

    4. Who's dying in "Knockin' on Heaven's Door"?

    5. Fill in the blank: Like a rolling _____

    6. What killed Frankie Lee?

    7. Fill in the blank: There's no success like _____

    8. When did I marry Isis?

    9. Where's the blind commissioner's other hand?

    10. What lush resort nation has a sunny sky of aqua blue?

    11. What's wrong with the hanging judge?

    12. Who could have carved out the Jokerman's future?

    13. What does the man in the coonskin cap with a pigpen want?

    14. Something's happening here. What is it?

    15. When you're hunted like a crocodile, where are you likely to be ravaged?

    Bonus Obligatory Bill Hicks Question:

    What comes next in this series?

    Elite Republican Guard, Republican Guard, __________
    Solomwi is very wise. - Imran Siddiqui

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    I believe I will bomb in this one. But try I will, after work.
    I'm building a wagon! On some other part of the internets, obviously (but not that other site).


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      I've just about finished something to automate collection and analysis of answers. Should I just post it here and hope someone finds it useful, or does someone have a better idea?


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        You send answers as PM to Solomwi.

        Solomwi, your wrong, I'm not familiar with any of Bob Dylan's songs. At least lyricaly. But what the heck, lets answer and look, how low I go.

        EDIT: Answers sent, and they... are... full... crap. Just made them out of my mind. Going really low in this game.
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          And sented now.
          I'm building a wagon! On some other part of the internets, obviously (but not that other site).


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            done like a dogs dinner
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              Expect results on Sunday (though I reserve the right to push that back a day or so ).
              Solomwi is very wise. - Imran Siddiqui


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                The IWS results may be published late? Unthinkable!
                I'm building a wagon! On some other part of the internets, obviously (but not that other site).


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                  very usual
                  GM of MAFIA #40 ,#41, #43, #45,#47,#49-#51,#53-#58,#61,#68,#70, #71


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                    Inconceivable, ain't it?
                    Solomwi is very wise. - Imran Siddiqui


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                      i think this thread shows a real lack of interest in this type of game here....
                      GM of MAFIA #40 ,#41, #43, #45,#47,#49-#51,#53-#58,#61,#68,#70, #71


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                        Originally posted by Pave
                        You send answers as PM to Solomwi.
                        Assuming this was directed at me: You misunderstand, I don't want to play in the game, I want to help Solomwi with his GMing.


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                          J, I'll be happy to take a look at it, but I'm skeptical as to how automated the process could be, considering that the answers are in different screens and the same answer from two different people can be worded very differently. I've got a spreadsheet set up that handles the onerous part of it, getting all the answers in a handy format and in one place.
                          Solomwi is very wise. - Imran Siddiqui


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                            OK, I'll clean out a few more glitches and post it here. Probably tomorrow evening (A very risky thing to say on an IWS thread, I know )...


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