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Transport Tycoon just keeps on geting better and better

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  • Transport Tycoon just keeps on geting better and better

    I'm sure every TT fan has tried out verious mods, rule changes, ect...

    There's a new project that has remade the game for windows. Aside from offering higher resolution and stability (apparently some people had dificulty geting it to work in windows) there is a slew of added features... which will hopefully be added to.

    Open Transport Tycoon is modeled after the original Transport Tycoon game by Chris Sawyer and enhances the game experience dramatically. Many features were inspired by TTDPatch while others are original.

    Significant enhancements
    - autorail build tool
    - canals/shiplifts
    - larger stations
    - non-uniform stations
    - ability to join stations (of same width or length)
    - checkpoints
    - mammoth trains
    - multiheaded trains
    - Build on slopes and coasts
    - goto depot order
    - longer bridges
    - higher bridges
    - two new bridges
    - presignals (CTRL-click on existing signals)
    - semaphores (CTRL-D to place them)
    - order sharing and copying ("goto" on other vehicle to copy, ctrl+"goto" to share)
    - TTDpatch compatible Nonstop-Handling
    - crossing tunnels
    - build many trees on one tile
    - bribe the town authority

    Better useability:
    - convert rail tool (to rail, monorail, maglev)
    - build stations with drag&drop
    - build while paused
    - Mouse wheel can be used to scroll in menus and
    to zoom in/out on win32

    - autoscroll (to left/right)
    - bigger demolish tool
    - plant trees on area
    - sell whole train by dragging to dynamite trashcan
    - cost estimation with Shift
    - road and rail removing by dragging

    New options:
    - "no train service" option
    - "no inflation" option
    - "full load any" option, as in ttdpatch
    - Feature: "select goods" option
    - "multiple similar industries in close proximity" option
    - "multiple industries per town" option
    - news item for "train is unprofitable" (change in openttd.cfg)
    - news item for "train is lost" (change in openttd.cfg)
    - starting_date, takes a value on the form yyyy, yyyymm or yyyymmdd.
    - select what vehicle types the ai will build
    - ability to chose snowline height
    - change default servicing interval for vehicles
    - change max # of vehicles per player
    - new pathfinding algorithm for trains (enable with new_pathfinding)

    Graphical/interface features:
    - screenshots can be BMP, PNG or PCX (select in game options menu)
    - More currencies (including Euro introduction in 2002)
    - More townname languages
    - window mode
    with double size mode (ctrl-d to toggle) (only Windows)
    - resolution selection for fullscreen mode
    - refresh rate configuration setting
    - town directory sorting
    - patch options configuration window
    - "debtmax" faster loan management with ctrl key
    - colorful newspaper after a certain date
    - game speed increase (through fast forward button or by pressing Tab)
    - color coded vehicle profits
    - plant random tree type
    - Hotkeys
    I haven't hd a chance to try it out too much so, but so far it's great.

    However, road vehicles still tend to get stuck...
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    And be sure to check out the forums. There's a patch that lets you play on a humongous map.
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      Now this is good news. Now, if only I could learn how to use signals and **** properly.
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        last time i tried this it worked well but it seemed fairly boring. i'll have to try it again.
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          Originally posted by Paul Hanson
          Now this is good news. Now, if only I could learn how to use signals and **** properly.
          It's pretty simple. You put a a light on the track and it will check everything between it and the next light (there has to be another light or it checks the entire track) if there's a train on one side of it, it will show red to the other side. One-way lights indicate that traffic can only go one way on the track (the direction coming towards the light).

          An example of how to use them would be to build two tracks side by side and join them together to make a loop, and then places one-way direction lights all throughout the track. You then have a double track with each side used for a different direction, and the lights keep the trains from rear-ending each other. (they have to be placed frequently, or the trains will get held up, however)

          It gets more complicated when you want to do junctions and such... but that's probably easy enough to figure out once you get ahold of the basics.
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