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    Originally posted by Jamski
    But mostly less is just that - less.

    The only time more is bad, is when it is unclearly documented, or running too many complicated formulas "under the hood"

    Take SMAC - it has a lot more than Civ - but all the numbers are reachable, understandable... you can work with these numbers to improve your skills at this game.

    But take MoO3 - it has more still than SMAC, but the numbers are hidden, recessed and involve ugly decimals everywhere... you can't use these numbers... there's too much to handle.

    On the other hand there is Civ3, which has LESS than SMAC, and suffers heavily as a result.

    Let's be honest. We like games with lots of maths that we can manage ourselves. It makes us feel smart

    havent played Civ3, but SMAC i find barely playable, despite my admiration for Brian Reynolds. Maybe if I was more drawn to the atmospherics and the backstory, Id have more patience for the learning curve.

    Imperialism 2, on the other hand, I am finding addictive, almost as much so as Civ2. In that case less IS more.
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