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    1. What was so Model about the New Model Army?
    Professional rather than aristocratic leadership (3)
    Nothing. (2)
    Penchant for scale replicas (1)
    It was French. (1)
    Vanna White (1)
    big tits (1)
    Due to cost-cutting, they could only afford model artillery and tanks (1)
    The skinny women. (1)
    It was the most impractical model -- that's what was so model about it. (1)
    Its cruelty (1)
    What's a New Model Army? (1)
    Cromwell's Secret (1)
    It was new. (1)
    It was only 3 inches tall and made of tin (1)
    The 3/8th scale used (1)
    Don't know. (1)

    2. What was the root cause of WWI?
    Gavrilo Princip shooting Archduke Ferdinand (2)
    It was all Germany's fault (2)
    Evil warmongering Serbs! (1)
    Capitalism (1)
    Entangling alliances and nationalism. (1)
    Alliances (1)
    Militarism (1)
    Internal tension in Europe, the early 20th century naive belief that war was a jolly good thing that was a really nifty way to solve disputes, and Germany's decision to help out the Austro-Hungarians, no matter what the consequences. In short: stupidity. (1)
    European leaders were not getting enough fellatio (1)
    A lack of peace (1)
    Archduke Ferdinand's parents (1)
    Imperialism (1)
    The Balkans (1)
    The rise of Germany to world power status. (1)
    Europe sucked (1)
    WWII, else it would of just been called WW (1)
    Greediness (1)

    3. How long did the 100 Year War last?
    100 years (8)
    116 years (2)
    127 years (1)
    100 years and a day (1)
    too damned long (1)
    A couple of days, at most (1)
    99.5 years (1)
    Less then 100 years, years just felt long. (1)
    130 years (aprox) (1)
    Longer than 100 years (1)

    4. Who discovered America?
    The Indians (8)
    The vikings. (3)
    Columbus (2)
    Amerigo Vespucci (1)
    George W. Bush (1)
    Al Gore, shortly before he invented the internet (1)
    Native Chinese-Vikings (1)
    I don't know, but I'll bet he regrets it now. (1)
    Chinese (1)

    5. Who was the greatest general of all time?
    Napoleon (3)
    Hannibal (2)
    Alexander the Great (2)
    Arthur Wellesey (1)
    Rommel (1)
    Sun Tzu (1)
    General Disarray (1)
    General Failure (reading drive c: ) (1)
    Guderian (1)
    panag (1)
    General U.S. Grant (1)
    Marshall Mannerheim. (1)
    Monty (1)
    General Patton (1)
    General Lee? (1)

    6. Why did the Spanish Armada fail?
    bad weather (6)
    Francis Drake (2)
    They didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition (2)
    British admirals with a fetish for croquet. (1)
    Too much beans in their burritos (1)
    The English ships were smaller and nimbler, so the huge Spanish ships were overwhelmed by them. Plus the Brits had flamethrowers and Francis Drake.(1)
    'cuz they were Spaniards (1)
    Upon seeing English dentistry, they collapsed into laughter (1)
    Upon seeing English dentistry, they collapsed into laughter (1)
    greedy pirates (1)
    It was crap (1)
    Bad room service (1)
    Not sure (1)

    7. What is a kamikazi?
    a suicidal pilot (7)
    Divine Wind (4)
    Divine wind and suicide pilot (3)
    one crazy ass muther****er (1)
    They defenstrate themselves (1)
    an indoctrinated, manic-depressive, Japanese pilot (1)

    8. Where was Muhammad Ali from? (no mentions of the right answer, Albania, silly people talking about a boxer instead of the real Muhammad Ali)
    USA (6)
    Kentucky (5)
    his mother (2)
    yo momma (1)
    Pitsburg (1)
    holy ****. uh...india? (1)
    from an African-American ghetto (1)
    Alabama (1)
    Chicago? (1)

    9. Why was Hitler such a bastard?
    Failing career as an artist (4)
    One testicle. (2)
    He never got laid (2)
    Child abuse (2)
    He didn't treat Eva nicely (1)
    Instigating WW2 wasn't too bad, it was inevitable after the Great War, but bringing in the whole ethnic cleansing thing was really unnecessary and plain evil. (1)
    His toast was cold (1)
    Insanity (1)
    he was inbred, right? (1)
    pitiful childhood (1)
    Holocaust, WW2, Barbarossa and so on. But mainly because of such a piddley mustach. (1)

    10. What does "El Cid" mean?
    Lord (6)
    The Cid (2)
    Sid Meier (2)
    The Kid (2)
    It's time for high school English again (1)
    The Engineer (1)
    **** if I know! (1)
    The Banana (1)
    The Mac Daddy (1)
    Is the info in OT? (1)

    11. Who was the very model of a modern major general?
    Patton (4)
    Major-General Stanley (3)
    Sir Joseph Porter (1)
    The Pirate of Penzance. (1)
    Zykla (1)
    Bob Dole (1)
    Colin POW! L. (1)
    Eisenhower (1)
    Napoleon (1)
    Banana (1)
    Some upper class English twit. (1)
    The Pinnifore dude (1)
    Some pansy (1)
    Why are you always ask about models and generals? (1)

    12. Which war was fought due to over a part of a man's body?
    The War of Jenkin's Ear (5)
    War of the Spanish Succession (1)
    The Scrotal War (1)
    The War of Alexander the Great's penis (1)
    Gulf War part deux. (1)
    all of 'em; it's that whole fellatio thing again (1)
    The War of the Roses. Oh wait, thats a flower. (1)
    the bidding war for Napoleon's p*nis (1)
    no idea (1)
    The war of love (1)
    The War of the Holy Banana (1)
    The gay war. (1)
    The Third Crusade (1)
    The War of the Noses (1)
    The imagination one (1)

    13. Where did the game of chess originate?
    India (6)
    China (5)
    persia (3)
    Ottoman Empire (1)
    a very boring place (1)
    The Sinclair ZX Spectrum (1)
    Arabia (1)
    From Middle-east. (1)

    14. Who was the craziest Roman Emperor?
    Caligula (11)
    Nero (3)
    Calutta (1)
    Julius Caesar. Imagine that - letting your opponents live. (1)
    I am. (1)
    Nero (1)
    The last one (1)
    I forgot (1)

    15. Which Eunuch had the most balls? (aaaw, no votes for Narses, now he was one tough bastard of a eunuch)
    None of them (5)
    What Laz said. (3)
    Josephus, from Mel Brooks' "History of the World Part I" (2)
    Zheng he (Cheng ho) (1)
    Number 2 (1)
    Zylka (1)
    Boshko. (1) (hey!)
    Baseball player! Only eunuch to have four balls. (1)
    The one who made the false claim that he was a eunuch, but never really had the "operation." (1)
    Jimmy the Eunuch (1)
    Is this a baseball joke? (1)
    What is Eunuch? (1)

    scores up soon
    Stop Quoting Ben

  • #2
    Dammit, I failed in my quest to get all 1's for my answers.
    I'm building a wagon! On some other part of the internets, obviously (but not that other site).


    • #3
      19. Skanky Burns 17
      18. MrFun 27
      16. (tie) Japher and Guynemer 29
      15. The Andy-Man 35
      12. (tie) Barinthus, Pave and HongHu 37
      11. Immortal Wombat 44
      10. mrmitchell 47
      9. Wernazuma III 48
      8. Ben Kenobi 52
      7. (tie) Kassiopeia and Agathon 54
      5. Solomwi 55
      4. joncha 60
      3. Smiley 62
      2. St Leo 66
      1. SnowFire 73

      wow, congrats to Snowie on winning the first game he's played seriously (I think).
      Stop Quoting Ben


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        Originally posted by Skanky Burns
        Dammit, I failed in my quest to get all 1's for my answers.
        Hmm, I succeeded in that quest, and yet my answers weren't recognised....
        Play hangman.


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          I tried that the first time I played, but the person running it (according to parish records, one S. Burns) gave me 2 marks for an answer that nobody else had.
          The cheating so-and-so!

          Boshko, do you think that the questions contributed to the very low turn-out? It may well have been raining, or voter apathy though.


          • #6
            IIRC your answer was similar enough to another person's to warrant grouping them together. And because I could...
            I'm building a wagon! On some other part of the internets, obviously (but not that other site).


            • #7
              Mine was a direct quote from (well, kind of direct, because it was in translation) the Brothers Grimm Book of Fairy Tales.