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Oldest Console/Game In Your Possession?

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    Originally posted by Verto

    Well, as one can read in my original post:

    "What's the oldest platform/console, game, controller, etc you have in your possession? (Board games and the like excluded.)"

    Still, a 30 year old board game is pretty good. Mine are usually falling apart after three.
    oops sorry

    Actually it is falling apart - the board is in 4 pieces.
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      I've got an old Phillips cartridge game system circa about 1980 buried in the garage. It still worked when we dug it out and plugged it about 3 years ago
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        I have one of those things, kinda like the SEGA Pico. I think apple made it htough. Where you can draw on the television screen. It was centered around that whiny b**** Grover from Sesmae Street.
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