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Spartan (empire-building game) goes gold!

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  • Spartan (empire-building game) goes gold!

    Check out HAs anyone got or tried any of the games mentioned on the site?
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    Legion is a fun game but very basic in the combat mode.

    Still I enjoyed playing it and think I will try this title. There looks to be an improvement in combat here with this title which can only be a good thing.

    It was quite tricky with Legion to have a large force at arms without constantly keeping the economy in check, which I liked, and when units stayed at home things were easier by far.
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      i think caesar three rules
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        "Emperor of the middle country" (?) is better (the latest Caesar III clone)
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          Slitherine need to do a lot more work before I'd buy a game from them at more than budget price. Legion was very basic and Chariots of War little better from what I saw of it.

          These are in a different genre to the city building games like Caesar since they are more about armies and conquest.
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