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  • Dungeon Siege Questions

    Just started playing this weekend and had a few questions.

    1. How many people can I have in my party? I have seven now including my mule.

    2. I just picked up the quest to find the wizard Merek. Can I entice him into joining my party?

    3. How many sections are there? I think I'm on the fourth, the ice cavern one.

    That's all I can think of for now. Thanks in advance!

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    1. 8 is the max. That number includes mules.

    2. Yes you can, he's in the Ice Cavern. I think it's complusory that he joins your party, actually.

    3. I never completed it. There are at least 6 though because that's how far I got before I became bored. Find an online walkthrough and take a look at the chapter titles.
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      Thanks, FP.


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        I think the wizard is optional, but he certainly will join if you want

        Pretty sure there are 9 chapters. I got bored before I got to the end too.
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          The wizard's a nice one...

          The drawback of the game is that it's all the same. Get in a dungeon, explore, get out, in next one, etc. Side quests are few, little and generally boring. No exploration freedom at all - you have to follow the one and only possible path.
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            That may get old but I'm a stat freak so as long as they keep throwing new equipment at me and my characters keep leveling up, I'll be alright. I bought Metal Dungeon for the xbox and all the monsters and equipment were virtually the same after the first ten levels and I made it down to the forties before I put it down.


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              how much you get it for?

              I'm waiting until it hits the bargain bins.


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                I bought it off another gaming compatriot for twenty bucks. He gave up when he got to the "$#%^ goblin in a #@$%%@ mech." I'm not sure what this means but he said he hates it, he wishes it would die, and it's the stupidest game he ever played. I hope he was kidding about the goblin in a mech part, but don't tell me; I want to see for myself. Surely not in a fantasy game...

                Anyway, from what I've played so far it's the best twenty bucks I've spent in awhile. I didn't get the manual but it hasn't been unplayable because of it. If I'd have known how good it would have been I may have bought it instead of MOO3.