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    So, of the people here at good ole 'poly who play UO, how many of you play on free shards? And if you do which one?

    After searching the internet for hours on end and looking around on my computer for about 2 seconds I found that I never actually deleted the .rar file.

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    Since when do bought Games come in Rar Files? :=)
    Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!


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      since I spent days on end trying to find a copy to buy in a box but couldn't

      How many of you guys actually play uo. free shards or official.


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        Played when it first came out, stopped for a few years. Tried it again a few months ago and it was just as awful, so I stopped again. Now I hear that they're charging more money for it. It's not worth it, for certain, especially considering the newer games out there that seem to have corrected errors of the past
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          Played ultima online a few years back. Was on the Catskills shard. After they released UO:Renaissance, things slowly got worse. I quit the main shard and played on the test shard where you can just set your skills to whatever you'd like and kill to your content.

          They changed a lot of things, all for the worse (if you like PVP, which is the only reason I played) in the newest expansion.


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            have you ever played on a free shard?


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              I tried once, a long time ago. The lag was so horrendous that I just gave up. I can't remember the name/website of the server though.


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                there are a lot of free shards, the majority of them lag a lot, but there are a few that arent bad at all. The only problem is that the ones that arent all that bad have sucky changes made to the game. You as a matter of fact might like this one


                The entire point of it is PvP. I myslef prefer more roleplaying and less PvP. (Mainly because I have a bad connection and lag bouncing while running away isnt much fun )

                edit: The lag I experienced on that server wasnt bad at all, but no one RP'd and everything was about the PvP