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Morrowind Players: Which is better: Magician or Warrior?

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  • Morrowind Players: Which is better: Magician or Warrior?

    Generally, who would you prefer to play as? Someone with a lot of magic, spells, etc....Or a stong, powerful warrior?
    The Mage.
    The Swordsman.
    The Banana.
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    If you're only using the basic game - no plugins etc - then your melee fighter-types will generally win out as there is an innate bias towards those characters.

    If you use one of the mods that allows mage characters to regenerate magicka, or the marksman mod for an arcer-type perhaps, then things tend to even out somewhat.


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      As I was younger I played mages which needed a While to be built up and then got really strong.
      But now I need instant SlashingAction [Even if getting killed by Reaaalllly dangerous sewer Rats ist the Price]
      But now that I think of It I played Thief at the beginning of Morrowind, Bought Levels and then turned to Fighting.
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        Really depends. Generally, mages do have, IMO, better ways of accomplishing stuff. They can create spells more damaging that any sword will ever be, can avoid fighting by conjuring creatures and can summon items they need. Great.

        I have several plugins, and IMO, two of them are vry important here for mages.

        1. CastReduce - decreases the magicka needed to cast a spell depending on that skill. Like, Lighting Storm (10 shoch for 10 sec in 10 ft) normally costs 34 mana. However, with a high destruction skill, that will cost much less. This is good because you really need more powerful spells to have a chance against toughest creatures and NPCs. Suppose a pure mage, who can only kill by magicka. Suppose him facing a Golden Saint and an evil NPC. He needs a big spell. And it would be absurd for it to take half of mana away. Besides, this is the thing that makes raising mage skills important.

        2. Creatures addon. Depending on your level, upgrades creatures that you can see. Like, at levels 40-60 (I think, or something), you can see a Grand Storm Atronach, an evil thing with 500-something hit points, that hits like a truck, and throws a spell taking 200 of my hit points, with all the shoch weakness. This one is really good, because otherwise, most characters level 25+ have no trouble with creatures at all. This mod ensures that creatures stay dangerous.

        Fighter style is more of a no-brainer. Get a Daedric Dai-Katana, enchant with 40 points of Absorb Health, and go dish 100 damage a shot while healing yourself. Boring. Sorta.

        I love it how I can do quests and stuff by matgicka. My favorite example, from Tribunal. The deal is, I come accross a naked wizard in sewers, who is guarded by two evil looking guys, and their boss. I talk to the boss. Boss tells me that wizard owes money, and I can pay for him, or go away. I threaten him, and order to release the wizard. Boss laughs and orders the two guard to kill the wizard. No matter how fast I try to cast spells or hit with swords at them, the wizard is dead. OK, I think. Let's try this way. Reload. Before talking to the boss, Mark. Almsivi Intervention. Go to the nearest spellmaker. Create a spell. Recall. Cast the spell. Talk to the boss. Threaten. Two guys try to kill the wizard. I kill three of them, wizard safe. That's all because of the spell I used - it did 100% Chameleon on Wizard for 15 secs, thus simply hiding him while I fought!
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          what are plugins?
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            Be a sorceror and get the best of both worlds.


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              Warriors are easier to start with, and with a little work, can be made into decent mages.

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                Well, I'm officially Tassadar the Russian. A mage, that is

                I must say, I love the mage.
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                  Ooh! I didn't know about the cast reduce plugin; sounds very nice.

                  Mages tend to be very vulnerable in the first few levels as well, since their HP is typically very low in the beginning.

                  But I actually prefer doing the magic, since its obviously more diverse than just swinging some war-hammer around (alchemy, enchanting, an array of spells, etc.).


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                    I like both, but I feel that in the standard game the fighter has an easier time of it.
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                      I play a fighter/mage type. Mostly fighter though. But I do like to be able to cast some spells.

                      now if there were only a way to make the combat more interesting.