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    basically the CP's dislike powers that get to big, but fear and respect powers with strong militaries. So if you expand too much relative to your military power, all other things being equal, they will gang up on you -although your history of DOW's, alliances, betrayals, trade and subsidies all matter.( IIUC, they also take into account if you have allied with or DOWed powers they like or dislike. )

    So essentially that gives one huge incentive not to expand too much too early, combined with the fact that an undeveloped province brings you NOTHING in resources. And development requires use of your civilian units AND materials. And even once a province is developed, if its overseas it does no good unless you have the shipping to bring home the resources and riches. So it effectively counters the "bigger is always better syndrome" without any happiness or corruption model.
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      its more realistic this way i think..i hate in civ 2 when the tiniest nation sneak attacks you, so unrealistic.

      the bad boy rating in EU is pretty cool, keeps you in check.. sounds like this is similar as well
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