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a bargain gem: Imp 2

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    Originally posted by SnowFire
    The economy is realistic and deep

    Enjoy that thought while you can. While perhaps the resource manipulation is good, there is only one way to get actual, cold hard cash. That is by killing Indians as fast as possible, and since you don't always quite know where the diamonds or gold are, by sweeping out a fairly large amount of terriotory (preferably in the Incans or Aztecs). Negotiating with the Indians is completely worthless; it requires far much more time, effort, & cash for less reward than just going on a standard conquering spree. You know, Spain didn't have that wonderful an economy in real history, despite Potosoi. It annoys me that this is the only option. Worse, at least on the harder difficulties, you will grow to hate the retreat system which always allows an enemy to retreat, even into your own provinces! It matters not if you hit them with Knights and they have peasants, they can always escape unscathed. Sure, later in the game you can build forts everywhere and put this tactic out of business, but the AI is so bad late in the game it won't matter. The real task is surviving, since at least on the higher difficulties the AI starts out hating you.

    And oh yes. The Diplomacy is pure crap. EU has spoiled me, odd as it sometimes behaves. Rarely is it that I have seen so many ALLIANCE MEMBERS randomly turn on me at the drop of a hat... and how it's still impossible to negotiate the end of the war as an alliance. If one side agrees to peace, it must be a separate peace breaking the alliance. That means that once an alliance goes to war, it can theoretically never stop until its enemy is annihilated.

    Bah. Imp2 is a game with a lot of potential, and I suppose it was worth the money I paid for it when it came out- but it has SERIOUS flaws that come up whenever I try and replay the game.
    I was comparing it to Civ - ive never played EU, so I cant compare it. I said elsewhere its not a history sim - i had EU in mind when i said that, though i didnt know EU had a more detailed economic model. I guess the advantage of Imp might be simplicity and elegance, though if the strategic choices are that unbalanced that will be a negative. Im not experienced enough to say from my own gameplay.

    Of course the reliance on imported treasures for cash is exagerated. In actual history ever Spain was fairly heavily dependent on internal taxes, which dont exist in Imp2. I certainly recognize it as a highly abstract game.
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      LOTM sounds like a game worth trying out for fun.... i will look for it in the bargin bin.

      although not a history sim, it seems less complicated than EU 1&2...both of which i just loved.....but haven't had the time to really indulge i am not spoiled yet by a game which probably isnt' up to par....

      i like strategy games.... going to find this and give it a whirl
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