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    Having recently joined the world of broadband i'm keen to get the hang of this online gaming thing. I'd like to try a MMORPG but not sure where to start. So any suggestions welcome.
    A few preferences...

    UK/Europe Server
    QUite keen on the idea of a developed economy so that if i want i can sit in the woods making arrows, run a pub or whatever. Maybe i'm missing the point but combat and fancy gfxs aren't my main concern. Quite fancy being a merchant/trader type.
    Not too much player killing (or not all even ?) mainly because i don't think i can face being killed by people half my age.

    Ultima seems to have the economy thing but wasn't sure how established or welcome to newbies it is. Earth and Beyond seems quite an interesting ELite type game but no non-US servers - maybe an obvious question but how easy is it to move servers/realms should a european one become available ?


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    there are many of them out there, a good thing is to play the betatests of new mmorpgs, because they're free and you get to know what the game is like... Of course, you can't do that with the mmorpgs that are already released...

    i don't know much about it, but I heard dark age of camelot is pretty popular...
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      A MMORPG without combat is booorrrriiinnnnnngggggg. The only game you can be a craftsman without fighting is Ultima Online, but I wouldn't go in expecting much roleplaying.


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        Dark Age of Camelot is pretty good, but doesn't have much in the way of a economy. (I play on the euro PvP server)

        Eve looks better for economy as you mine and make stuff then sell it on. Some people find it boring though - i wouldn't know as I don't have it

        Upcoming ones to look for imo are Dragon Empires, Star Wars:Galaxies and World of Warcraft.


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          I need an MMORPG that would run on my system:

          P3 500 Mhz.
          128MB RAM.
          Riva TNT Model 64, 32MB.



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            WWIIonline! its more of a MMOFPS, but its fun


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              Browsing the Eve forums there seems to be a lot of unhappy customers. Bit difficult to tell as people tend to be more vocal if they're unhappy and its a very new game.
              Couple of people mention Anarchy online - anybody tried that ?


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                Shadowbane is great.

                The economy works a bit differently then other MMORPGs... you can't be a crasftperson, but you can build and own stores or entire cities and nations. And destroy those of your enemies, too, of course.

                The only thing I could ask for it to be better is if everyone roleplayed.
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