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    Hehe, she is often used as a generic pronoun, despite the person having a male name (and in this case a unfeminine goatee IIRC).


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      But I still reserve the right to hunt you down for this insult.
      I'm building a wagon! On some other part of the internets, obviously (but not that other site).


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        Originally posted by Skanky Burns
        Considering his name in the profile is Andrew, I think its safe to assume male.
        And no DL of mine would have bought CtP 2.
        Why? Its not so bad when you mod it a little
        I've played worse games
        Anybody want MOO3?.................
        'The very basis of the liberal idea the belief of individual freedom is what causes the chaos' - William Kristol, son of the founder of neo-conservitivism, talking about neo-con ideology and its agenda for here. prove me wrong.

        Bush's Republican=Neo-con for all intent and purpose. be afraid.


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          BOTF sucked huge.....
          Boston Red Sox are 2004 World Series Champions!